Wild Thing

June 24th, 2010 by neve

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Neve Campbell is may be best known for playing sympathetic girls like Julia Salinger on television’s Party Of Five or Sidney Prescott in all three parts of teen slasher Scream movies. But Neve had to tap into her inner bad girl to do the film Wild Things, a kinky, lurid neo-noir black comedy in which she plays a sulky, bisexual, tattooed depressive. This nubile hottie quickly learned that playing bad just came naturally to her. Neve claims that “It was so much fun to do something totally diferent from anything I’ve done before. It was great to finally be able to be the bad girl.”

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She didn’t mind doing a lesbian love scene with the gorgeous Denise Richards. “Denise and I talked about our boundaries and what we were comfortable with and what we weren’t comfortable with. We also had a couple of margaritas along the way, which helped considerably.”

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Neve Campbell a hot lesbian slut

September 1st, 2009 by neve

Who could ever forget Neve Campbell and Denise Richard‘s steamy lesbian scene on Wild Things? Well, I couldn’t, and I’m sure you couldn’t, too. There’s no sexual fantasy that’s more arousing than seeing two hot girls kissing and touching each other. Lucky for us, I found more hot pics of Neve’s lesbian side, along with other Hollywood hotties. Not only they are posing naked, they also fulfill your girl-to-girl fantasy. Check out these hardcore pics, these hotties in their naked goodness, tongue on tongue, tits on tits, and tongue on pussy.

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Neve Campbell get her wild side on

September 1st, 2009 by neve

If seeing Neve Campbell topless in her 2007 movie wasn’t able to turn you on, then don’t worry. I’ve got here pics showing Neve in the most explicit poses that is sure to get you a hard-on. Didn’t think Neve has the nerves to go hardcore on cam? Well, check out these pics and think again. Neve may be a typical Hollywood non-nude celebrity, you thought, but once she get her wild side on, she is sure to deliver.

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Neve Campbell topless in I Really Hate My Job

September 1st, 2009 by neve

We’ve all seen how hot Neve Campbell was in Wild Things, most especially during her hot lesbian scene with Denise Richards. But then, we have yet to see her naked. Neve kept her wholesomeness just a little longer and kept her clothes on for a while, until this movie. In 2007, she finally dropped the towel and went topless in the movie I Really Hate My Job, and here are some screencaps:

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