Neve Campbell Nude

Neve Adrianne Campbell or more known as Neve Campbell is a Canadian actress best known for her roles in Scream, The Craft, and Wild Things. But before she became a Hollywood celebrity, Neve first had a career on stage acting in Canada, where she grew up in. Neve was born to a family of theater performers; her father taught High School drama, her maternal grandparents ran a theather in company in Netherlands, while her paternal grandparents were also performers.

Neve started her TV career as Daisy in the Canadian youth TV series Catwalk. She then moved to America when she was given a role as Julia Salinger in Party of Five, which lasted for six long years. As with film acting, Neve’s first widely released film was The Craft in 1996 where she played a modern-day witch. She then was given starring role in the thriller Scream series of films.

In 2006, Neve returned to theater by starring in a version of Arthur Miller’s Resurrection Blues where she got mixed reviews. On June 24, 2009, she returned to TV to join the cast of NBC’s The Philanthropist.

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